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Speed limits for boats on the Thames will be changed following the referendum Brexit result and Government's decision to trigger Article 50.

Contained in the Great Repeal Act is a provision for current limits on both the Tideway and the non-tidal river to be rewritten. No longer will the Port of London Authority or the Environment Agency be able to advertise speeds in kilometres per hour.

The limit on the upper river is currently 8 km/h . The tidal river limit in London has a speed limit of 15 km/h west of Wandsworth Bridge and in tributary creeks, and except for authorised vehicles, 22 km/h between Wandsworth Bridge and Margaretness.

A Government spokesman said: "In two years time only knots and mph will be allowed. Kilometres will be outlawed. We realise dozens of warning signs will have to be replaced but the referendum result must be respected."

The spokesman Joe King said any prosecutions for exceeding the limits which are issued in km/h after today will be subject to a compulsory discount fine.

Story dated April 1st 2017