A smartphone app has been launched for Tower Bridge.

The free app for iphones and Android phones allows users to access facts and figures as well as a series of games about the famous Thames bridge.

Tower Bridge welcomes over 500,000 visitors a year from across the world and the programme has been  designed to appeal to all nationalities and ages.

Chris Earlie, Tower Bridge’s Business Manager, said: “We are keen for visitors to have some fun with the games, quiz each other on Bridge facts and enjoy the animated videos of bridge lifts, while also making it convenient for them to book tickets ‘on the go’.”

The game features tile puzzles with different images of the bridge with varying levels of difficulty. A video of the bridge lifting plays once the puzzle is solved.

Information includes an explanation of how the bridge was built with  little-known facts like the number of rivets holding the bridge together (it’s 2 million) and the number of lifts every year ( over 1,000).

In addition the programme allows easy access to visitor information and online ticket bookings.

The app is available for download from the iTunes store, Google Play or from Tower Bridge’s website and is compatible with iOS, Android and iPhone 3GS above versions.


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