In addition to the flotilla sailing the seven-mile route along the river on Diamond Jubilee Pageant Day, larger ships will assemble in the Port of London as part of the celebration.

They include two round-the-world yachts, replicas of famous craft from the past and tall ships from around the world, as well as fishing boats and tugs.

Gipsy Moth IV is the yawl in which Sir Francis Chichester sailed around the world in 1967. Now belongs to the Gipsy Moth Trust – a registered charity formed for the purpose of maintaining her in sailing condition for the public to both view and sail and to inspire future generations.

Suhaili is the 32-foot  ketch sailed by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston in the first non-stop solo circumnavigation of the world.

Nine Thames sailing barges will gather in London including the recently restored Cambria. There too will be two Dunkirk Little Ships - the Leigh-on-Sea cockler Endeavour and the motor yacht BlueBird.

The vessels will be moored downstream from London Bridge to Cherry Garden pier on both sides of the river.

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Subject to change before June 3rd

A  restored three-masted sail training ship now based at St Nazaire.

Link to Belem Foundation website

Golden Hinde a rare opportunity to see this replica vessel outside its dock near the Globe Theatre. Replica of the original in which Sir Francis Drake circumnavigated the world in 1577.
Golden Hynde website

The Matthew of Bristol a faithful replica of a Tudor merchant sailing ship typical of those that would have traded on the Thames during Henry VII’s reign.
More on Matthew website

 Royalist representing the Offshore Fleet of the Marine Society & Sea Cadets.

Marine Society & Sea Cadets website

Tenacious, representing the Jubilee Sailing Trust was designed and built to enable people of all physical abilities to sail side-by-side as equals. Built at Southampton between 1996 and 2000.
Jubilee Sailing Trust website

Pelican of London a British Sail Training Vessel dedicated to offering life-changing experiences at sea to the Youth of Britain and the World. Built in 1948 in Le Havre, originally an Arctic fishing trawler.
More about Pelican


Boadicea an Oyster Smack, the oldest sailing boat still afloat in Europe.
Oyster Smack website has more


Dim Riv a half size replica of a Viking Longboat. She is travelling down to the Thames from the Shetland Islands.
More details on Dim Riv website

Daybreak one of only two fully rigged Humber Keels
initially traded under sail carrying grain from Hull to the mill at Doncaster. Now moored on the Thames, where she is used as a floating home.
More about Daybreak

Endeavour a Leigh Cockler which is a Dunkirk Little Ship.
More on Dunkirk Little Ships website


Korneliske Ykes II a replica of one of the last eel barges. Until King George VI’s time, they used to moor at the so called Dutch Mooring near old Billingsgate Fishmarket.

Link to Korneliske Ykes II website

Pic: Jikkie Cats

Obair Na Ghoal a replica of a traditional herring drifter, associated mainly with the Scottish Moray Firth coast.

Link to news story about Obair Na Ghoal

Pioneer the oldest remaining Deep Sea Fishing Vessel from UK waters.
Pioneer Sailing Trust website

Watch the Trust's video of Pioneer



Primrose CK273 aThames estuary smack. These smacks were the fastest and most elegant of the fishing fleet.

Provident a Brixham sailing trawler. She is the oldest and largest surviving example of her time. At one time more than 3,000 such vessels were in commission.

More about Provident


Thames Sailing Barges: Cygnet,
Lady Daphne,

and Wyvenhoe.



Amazon was present at Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee Royal Fleet Review.
More about Amazon

Blue Bird a beautiful motor yacht built in 1938 for Malcolm Campbell. She is a Dunkirk Little Ship.
More Dunkirk Little Ships website


Eilean another elegant Fife, famous for her part in Duran Duran's video ‘Rio’.

Read more about Eilean's restoration

Flight of Ufford a modern classic built in Ipswich, an elegant example of British craftsmanship at its very best.

More on British Classic Yacht Club website

Gipsy Moth IV achieved the fastest solo circumnavigation of the world in a small vessel in 1968.

More on Gipsy Moth Trust website


Mariquita the largest surviving pre-World War I British racing yacht from the Fife yard in Ayrsh

Classic Yacht info on Mariquita


Sheemaun a fine example of a 1930s Gentleman's Motor Yacht.

Read more about Sheemaun's involvement

Suhaili 32 foot Bermudan Ketch, the first boat to ever to be sailed single handed non-stop around the world.

Read more on Sir Robin Knox-Johnston's website

Pic: Sir Robin Knox-Johnston


Motor Tug Kent one of the best examples left of an early post steam war tug.

Link to Motor Tug Kent website

Pic: JP Knight


Portwey the only twin screw, coal fired steam tug now active in the United Kingdom

Portwey's website

TID 164 a diesel fuelled steam engine, one of the largest class of tug ever built.

Read more on Medway Maritime Trust website


Vic 56 and VIC 96 coastal steamers known as Victualling Inshore Craft built to supply the Navy during the Second World.

Read more here


Story dated March 20th 2012



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