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Stuart Dyer of Cirencester Ramblers
fills the relay bottle with Thames water

The Source to Sea Relay - part of the revamped Thames Festival - reached Tower Bridge on Sunday (Sept 15th).

And the event may become an annual feature of the festival. The relay involved walkers, swimmers and boaters carrying a bottle of Thames water along the length of the river from Gloucestershire to Tower Bridge and then on to the estuary. More pictures HERE

The two-week event, the first of its kind, marked a move by organisers to make the Mayor's Thames Festival more relevant to the whole river rather than merely being focussed on the Pool of London.

Festival director Adrian Evans said: "The relay was a way of extending the festival to other parts of the river. Afterwards we will assess how the newly-focused festival went and one idea is to make the relay an annual event."

It has already been announced that the festival will be extended to a month in 2014.

On the first day of the relay ramblers carried the bottle, filled with Thames water, from the source to Cricklade. On the second day members of the Outdoor Swimming Society were carrying the 'baton' down to Lechlade.

Over the following fortnight the bottle was carried between locks by a variety of powered and unpowered craft including slipper launches, a Gondola, and the row barge Jubilant.

It arrived at Tower Bridge on Sunday September 15th and spend the last night of its journey on Gloriana in St Katharine Docks before sailing out of London towards the sea in the Dunkirk Little Ship, MTB 102. It will later be donated to a museum.

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