The Thames could get a dedicated email 'hotline' as part of the enforcement of regulations on the non-tidal river.

The email address will be open to the public to report unlicensed boats, speeding craft and other river infringements. EA Harbourmaster Matt Carter told a meeting of River Users Group 8 that no start date had yet been fixed for the plan.

The agency is also exploring the possibility of being able to issue fixed penalty notices for infringements although that would involve an amendment to the Inland Waterways Order.

The moves follow tougher action on the Thames which has included working with a private car parking firm to ensure boats do not overstay short-term moorings.

The pilot project is under way at four agency-owned sites at Oxford and Weybridge. So far says the agency the scheme has been a success.

Nick McKie-Smith, EA Enforcement Manager, said: “The trial is going very well. Boaters are taking notice and there has been an increase in compliance.

“So far we have only had to issue one £100 charge to a boat owner for breaching the terms at one mooring site. The boat owner paid the reduced charge of £60 which is acceptable if the charge is paid within 14 days.

“We hope this can lead to a river-wide approach that can be adopted by all landowners with moorings on the River Thames.”

Meanwhile River Thames News has learned that the Thames Users Group (Navigation) has been in contact with EA Chief Execuitive concerning boat registration and other river charges and the amount of money that might be raised if there was more enforcement.

Earlier RTN reported that thousands of pounds in fees for pontoons, slipways and other so-called accommodations was uncollected.

Story dated Dec 2nd 2013