The last remaining working watermill on the River Thames has been relaunched as a commercial concern.

Husband and wife Corry and Jane Starling have taken over the mill on the Mapledurham estate near Reading.

Corry said: “The mill has been open to the public since the mid 1970's but has never really worked to its full potential.

"The Mapledurham Estate recently decided to change the way the mill was run. My wife and I presented a proposal to operate it as a business and were accepted.  

"This watermill deserves care, attention and a new lease of productive life which my wife and I are determined to achieve.”

Corn for the mill comes from the surrounding Thames Valley. The couple are now encouraging local bakers to use their stoneground flour. A new mill shop has been opened and Jane has published a recipe book using the mill’s products.

Plans are for profits from the mill to help bring some of the disused machinery into working order again. A second set of millstones and associated machinery would be refurbished.

Mapledurham Mill will be open more to visitors including some days during the winter and with tours on certain dates.

Outlining his plans Corry told guests at a relaunch event: “This is an immensely important part of our heritage. It deserves to be brought back into full production and we are passionate about making the project work.”
There has been a watermill on the site for over 1000 years, and it is mentioned  in  Domesday Book of 1086 when it was valued at 20 shillings. The oldest part of the current building goes back to the mid 1600's.  The mill still operates with a wooden waterwheel which needs continual maintenance.

The mill was restored in the mid 1970s using the money the estate received from location filming of the feature film The Eagle Has Landed . The watermill is also on an album cover of Black Sabbath's and has been used in the filming of Midsomer Murders.

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Millers Jane & Corry Starling


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