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More than 8,000 boat owners are likely to have been affected by the flooding and severe weather of the past months, according to insurance company Haven Knox-Johnston.

Marinas and private moorings on the Medway and the Thames are among the hotspots as well as the coast from where the most claims for vessel write-offs or damage are coming. The company says over 500 claims so far have come from the Thames.

The firm reports claims from coastal and inland waterway users are typically for;

·         Third-party liabilities whereby a craft has been damaged by another boat,

·         Hull and external damage to boats which have been lifted from their moorings by rising water and dropped elsewhere (often on top of each other), once levels recede,

·         Internal water and engine damage caused by lines too taut to accommodate water level changes, causing swamping and in cases, total submergence,

·         Total losses with craft beyond economical repair as they cannot be accessed or raised,

·         Damage due to breaking up finger pontoons and broken swinging moorings.

Haven Knox-Johnston has one of the largest claims teams in the UK. Claims specialist Antony James visited eight marinas and a number of private mooring locations in the Medway region to help business and craft owners progress their claims.

He comments: “Within this area alone, we identified over 250 clients who could be at risk, so it was important to be visible, provide reassurance, liaise with marine surveyors and other third-parties, offer support and give help when and where it was needed most.”

Along the Thames, the firm predicts its clients’ potential exposure to loss or damage is higher – around 500 or so. 

He concludes: “I suspect the damage would have been far worse had it not been for the quick thinking of the local communities in the affected areas; everyone worked together and in many cases, executed fantastic disaster management strategies.”

Story dated March 11th 2014


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