A floating cycleway on the Thames has been given the funding go-ahead.

The path is one of a number of cycle schemes, labelled mini-Hollands, across Kingston aimed at easing town centre congestion and encouraging people to get out of their cars and onto bikes.

It has won financial backing from Boris Johnston, the Mayor of London - one of a number of schemes across London competing for funds. Kingston will receive up to £30million. 

But Thames users have expressed concern about the effect on the river. As a result changes were made to the Boardway including making it closer to the riverbank.

Concerns from Minima Yacht Club and the organisers of Kingston Regatta have been addressed, says the council. The scheme is due to be discussed at a meeting of the local River Users' Group 8 on April 3rd.

Although it has been approved for funding by the mayor, the scheme will stilll need a planning go-ahead which will require an assessment from the Environment Agency. The cycleway will also need a licence from the agency and comes as it is in the process of ensuring structures in the Thames pay the approiate licence fees.

Councillor Liz Green, Leader of Kingston Council, said: “It’s brilliant news and a huge boost for Kingston. Our plans will transform how people get around the borough on two wheels and help more people choose to cycle more often.

“Our vision is to improve our town centres for everyone, with safer roads for pedestrians as well as cyclists, less traffic congestion and a better environment."

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Story dated March 19th 2014


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