A new scheme to enable people to go boating without the hassle of ownership and the costs involved has been launched on the Thames.

It has been started by well-known company Hobbs of Henley, whose working knowledge of the river goes back five generations and 144 years.

Henley Boat Club 'Membership Boating' gives access to its fleet of self-drive motor launches. They include a luxury 10 Seater 'Linssen' Class Motor Launch which sleeps six to a 12-seater Olympic motor launch (pictured above). Inclusive prices start from around £900. Some packages include hire during the Royal Regatta.

Hobbs Managing Director Jonathan Hobbs said:" 'In the current climate we've noticed that people are wary of owning their own boats due to depreciation and the rising costs of the mooring, storage, licences, insurances and fuel.

"Also with people's increasingly demanding working lives we've noticed it has become more and more difficult for them to find the time to enjoy private ownership of a boat and get the real value of their investment.

"The Henley Boat Club is attracting a variety of new members including boating novices who are interested in buying, but hesitant about the financial commitment; experienced boaters who have sold their boats but miss the river and Corporates who see the benefit of entertaining clients on the water and the ease in which this can be done with Club membership."

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