The Port of London Authority's Chief Harbour Master has issued a safety warning after an increasing number of boat breakdowns on the Tideway.

And he has urged boaters to check their vessels before venturing out on to the river.

David Phillips said: " We have identified a recent increasing trend in the number of narrow boats and recreational motor vessels suffering mechanical breakdown.

"From the beginning of April until mid-May, there have been 11 such incidents in Central London, an average of 2 incidents per week.

"The reasons behind each of these incidents vary slightly, but each could have been avoided if the vessels had been adequately checked prior to departing their berth.

"We would like to remind all recreational river users to check their engines and other essential mechanical parts to ensure that they are in good working order.

The PLA's full list of checks can be found HERE.

In case of mechanical breakdown, the PLA recommends that an anchor is in good working order and ready to be deployed in an emergency

The Harbour Master said: "Recreational mariners are very welcome on the tidal Thames, but it is also a busy commercial waterway and it is important for everyone’s safety that vessels are able to complete their journey in safety, having been thoroughly checked in advance."


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