Marine industry and boating organisation representatives met with government officials over a threat to fuel for boats.

The European  Commission plans to take the UK to court over rules that allow boaters to buy red diesel for heating and lighting their vessels at a cheaper taxed rate then road fuel. At present boat owners have to declare the proportions used for propulsion and heating every time they purchase fuel.

At the meeting, which involved the British Marine Federation and the RYA, Whitehall officials confirmed that the UK government had not yet received formal notification of action at the European Court despite the announcement in mid-July. In the meantime there was no indication that the government intended to modify its longstanding supportive stance.

Howard Pridding, BMF Chief Executive said: “Treasury and HMRC officials confirmed that they will continue to work with us and the RYA as the issue develops.”

The Inland Waterways Association is also campaigning on the issue. In a statement it said:
“IWA is concerned at the increased costs that will be faced by both boat owners and boatyard operators if this change is implemented. 

“Whilst accepting that any fuel used solely for propulsion should be subject to the higher rate of tax, IWA considers that it is unfair for boat owners to have to purchase fully taxed white diesel for heating and cooking.”

Story dated August 4th 2014



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