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Two Thames skiffs have been rowed the entire length of the Mississippi.

Former Olympic rower John Pritchard has completed the 2,350 mile, three month epic from near the river’s source in Minnesota to New Orleans rowing an average of 30 miles a day.

He was in one of two three-person skiffs built to a Victorian design at a boatyard in Windsor. He was joined on different legs of the charity voyage by teams of rowers each taking part for an average of two days.

Aim of the trip, dubbed the Mississippi Million, is to raise a million US dollars for the Right to Play charity which works with underprivileged children throughout the world.

The trip started in Minnesota in August where the river was barely deep enough for the boats to float, later saw one of them holed below the waterline and nearly sinking and ended in the busy shipping lanes near New Orleans.

From Louisiana John Pritchard told River Thames News: "The scale of what we have accomplished is only starting to dawn on us now, after three months of rowing.

"The support we have enjoyed from countless numbers of ordinary people is now coming to fruition and will change the lives of thousands of children in some of the most deprived parts of the world. We are all proud to have helped achieve this". 

The traditional boats were constructed at the Stanley and Thomas boatyard and the oars made by J. Sutton.

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Pic: Mississippi Million

Plans for the row were reported by River Thames News in an earlier story The 26 foot skiffs are named after a Ghanian boy, Richmond, who inspired the trip and Doreen an ambassador and advocate for the charity in the African country.

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Story dated October 27th 2014