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A Thames boat-builder has left over £400,000 to children’s charities in his will

David Smith whose boatyard was near Maidenhead Bridge died in 2003. A range of children’s charities and projects in the Thames Valley have benefited from his will.

They include a donation of £100,000 to the Alexander Devine Children's Hospice planned for Maidenhead.

At his request the £430,000 legacy trust is being administered by the Wooden Spoon charity whose Chilterns region chairman Dr Barry Mair said: “Thousands of children will benefit from his generosity for many years to come.”

Among other recipients of grants from the trust fund are Mary Hare School for the Deaf near Newbury and an educational project for autistic children on the Englefield Estate near Theale.

Projects in schools in Reading and Bourne End also benefit.

Dr Mair said: “I describe David as a gentle giant who was originally from Wiltshire who had a zest for life and who was a very fine boat-builder.

“Many, many children in the Thames Valley and beyond will benefit from his generosity. And it will continue to have a benefits for many years as we will only award the money to projects which have a life of at least ten years.”

The Alexander Devine charity hopes to start work on building Berkshire's first children's hospice at Snowball Hill in Woodlands Park, Maidenhead, by the end of the year.

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