A 2,300 mile sponsored row down the Mississipi in two Thames skiffs has raised $1 million for charity.

The row by Olympic oarsman John Pritchard and a succession of volunteers started near the source and ended in New Orleans before Christmas. The boats were built at the Stanley and Thomas boatyard at Windsor where they are now being renovated after the epic journey.

Aim of the Mississippi Milion was raise money for the Right to Play charity of which he is chairman and which educates underprivileged children around the world by way of play schemes.

City of London executive John Pritchard (pictured above) writes in his blog: "I was overwhelmed when I knew we would make this target.

"[This will] support around 30,000 children for an entire year......[and] means that we can support programmes in desperate need.

"Countries in which we work neighbouring Syria are dealing with an influx of millions of refugees. The ability to extend our programmes in these countries is wonderful for us as fundraisers, but for the children it is beyond value – it is vital.

"These funds will allow us to train and support the thousands of volunteer coaches (yes, all our coaches are voluntary – the funding goes to train them). They then work in schools and refugee camps, educating the children about malaria, HIV/aids, nutrition, sanitation and on and on.

"The measurable outcomes around malaria and sanitation alone – getting the children into the habit of washing their hands – has had a profound impact in the societies in which the children live. Very simply put, children are surviving instead of dying through ignorance. And their parents and their extended families and the rest of their villages change their behaviour led by the children."

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