The Port of London Authority's new £7 million superboat has been launched at a shipyard in Dorset – and will be in service on the Thames by summer.

Representing the authority’s single biggest investment for 20 years, the PLA says the London Titan is essential for a port that welcomes everything from container ships to HMS Invincible, tall ships to rowing boats.

Her unique design means she can work both at sea and in shallower waters all the way upriver  to Richmond Lock, as her folding deck cranes will allow safe passage through the bridges of central London. Titan’s regular work is expected to include:

  • Laying, maintaining and repairing moorings
  • Laying buoys
  • Hauling wreckage from the bottom of the river
  • Supporting dive operations
  • Carrying out dredging operations
  • Supporting third-party projects when needed.

John Tye, managing director, Manor Marine, marks the vessel launch with the PLA and Manor team looking on

Weighing more than 600 tonnes with a 36.5-metre length, 13.5-metre beam and three powerful engines, Titan’s cranes will be capable of lifting loads of up to 25 tonnes

Speaking after Titan’s launch at Portland Harbour , PLA director of marine operations Peter Steen said: “The arrival of Titan will enable us to completely modernise the way we work on the river and provide a safe working platform for our mooring, maintenance and navigational jobs."

Titan will remain at Manor Marine, Portland, for fitting out and sea trials, before going on display at marine trade fair Seawork, in Southampton, in mid June. It is hoped she will get to work on the Thames shortly afterwards.

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Story dated March 3rd 2015