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Pic: Medway Queen Preservation Society


Richard Halton of the Medway Queen Preservation Society writes:

HMS Medway Queen operated from Ramsgate for most of the Dunkirk Evacuation in May/June 1940.

The ship’s crew withstood the punishing schedule and the danger for no less than seven round trips rescuing 7000 British and French troops. Each night would be filled with the noise and danger of battle; sometimes they were directed to the Mole and at others to the beaches, according to circumstances. Each day was taken up with repairs, cleaning and restocking supplies, ammunition and fuel.

It is fitting that the ship should re-visit Ramsgate this year to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Dunkirk in company with the Little Ships. Any such event is at the mercy of tides and weather but it is planned that the Medway Queen will be in Ramsgate from 19th May.

The Little Ships will be arriving on that day in time for a church service and military parade on Wednesday 20th when Medway Queen will be open to visitors.

The “Little Ships” depart for Dunkirk early the next day but Medway Queen will remain in Ramsgate for continuing events until they return on the Bank Holiday Monday, 25th May.

Medway Queen will be open to visitors every day as the tides permit but it is possible that access will be restricted at certain times when the tide is low.

This was made possible by the efforts of our Patron, Admiral Lord West of Spithead, and sponsorship from the Gosling Foundation. The society is currently putting together a detailed plan for the continuing restoration of the ship, supported by a Transition Grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

For more on Medway Queen go to www.medwayqueen.co.uk www.medwayqueen.co.uk

Story dated May 11th 2015