2012 Olympics Dorney Reach
Friday 27 July to Saturday 11 August 2012
General directions for navigation and mooring

Those in charge of boats must conform with these directions and with any special directions which, at the discretion of the harbourmaster, may be required in particular circumstances during these dates.

1. Navigation
(a) All boats must navigate in accordance with instructions given from Environment Agency control points or patrol launches.
The navigation of all boats (except those authorised by the Environment Agency) will be restricted as follows:
(i) Manually propelled boats and Powered boats can only navigate in the navigation channel outside the buoyed exclusion zone, which is laid off the Buckinghamshire bank, between the control points upstream of Boveney Lock and downstream of The Summerleaze Bridge as long as they do not stop or turn, or otherwise impede or interfere with the navigation of any other boats.
(ii) Those vessels wishing to turn within the reach may do so at any point upstream of The Summeleaze Bridge or downstream of the Temporary Racecourse Footbridge.
(iii) Sailing boats can navigate only with oars or mechanical power as in (i) above and must not hoist their sail(s).
(iv) All Boats must navigate at slow speed with extreme care and caution on the side of the navigation channel which lies on the starboard side of these boats.
(v) Particular care and caution must be paid in the vicinity of the entrances to Bray, Windsor and Windsor Racecourse Marinas by all boats, especially those leaving or joining the Navigation.
(vi) No directions contained in this notice shall supersede those parts of Byelaw 24 of the Thames Navigation Licensing and General Byelaws 1993 as may be relevant.
(b) NO BOATS (except those authorised by the Environment Agency) are allowed to NAVIGATE or MOOR within the Buoyed Exclusion Zone.

2. Mooring and Anchoring
(a) No mooring is allowed to any part of the Buckinghamshire Towpath bank between the upstream end of Boveney Lock Head Layby and Summerleaze Bridge.
(b) Only those boats with bona-fide base moorings may be moored on the Berkshire bank between Boveney Lock and Summerleaze Bridge other than at Oakley Court, Windsor Marina and Bray Marina river frontages and then only with the proprietors’ agreement
(c) No anchoring is allowed in any part of the river within the controlled area between Boveney Lock and Summerleaze Bridge.

Matt Carter
July 2012
Owners and masters off all boats are reminded that it’s an offence for boats to carry more than twelve passengers unless a valid maritime and coastguard agency passenger carrying certificate is shown on board.
It is an offence to fail to conform with the directions in this notice or to obstruct an officer of the Environment Agency in the execution of their duty or to fail to obey directions given regarding the navigation, mooring or unmooring of any boat.
Bathing or swimming is prohibited at any time during these dates between Boveney Lock and the Summerleaze Bridge.