A London Labour MP has tabled a House of Commons motion urging a rethink on the planned Thames Garden bridge.

Diane Abbott, MP for Hackney North and Stole Newington, says in the motion that Thames views will be "irreversibly lost" and parts of East London are in more urgent need of a a river.crossing.

As it is not part of the capital's transport infrastructure the MP asks if it is right that Transport for London should be involved and urges the Government to ensure a rethink by TfL and the Mayor of London.

The 1,204 ft bridge, the brainchild of actress Joanna Lumley and architect Thomas Heatherwick, would feature trees and gardens and would span the river from a spot near Temple to the South Bank near London Studios.

The Early Day Motion in full reads: "That this House is concerned that the Mayor of London has commissioned a Garden Bridge over the River Thames without prior public consultation and that between £60 million and £150 million of taxpayers' money will be spent on the project which will lead to the South Bank river walkway being narrowed, many trees and much green space ironically being sacrificed for a project which is labelled as green;

" notes with concern that the public space, currently grass and trees, would instead be used by private developers for retail, queuing and a platform for corporate entertainment and that views in both directions up and down the River Thames will be irreversibly lost;

" feels that while some parts of London, particularly in East London, need a new pedestrian river crossing, the proposed area is well catered for with a number of bridges nearby;

" further notes that with queues of up to 2,500 people, the bridge will not be a functional piece of transport infrastructure;

" therefore questions whether the project is within Transport for London's (TfL) remit and if TfL funds should be used on its construction and maintenance; and urges the Government to make representations to TfL and the Mayor of London asking them to reconsider the project and consult the public and key stakeholders before proceeding with it."

Link to the House of Commons Early Day Motion HERE.

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Story dated July 6th 2015