London Titan's skipper is PLA Salvage Master Chris Bright. He told River Thames News: "I've worked on theThames all my life and this is just the icing on the cake. It's a real honour to made the skipper of London Titan.

"It's a brilliant boat to handle, all the technology is second to none and it will be a real asset to the River Thames.

"Up river we are mostly doing moorings. We do work on Richmond lock. We lay moorings for vessels - anyone who wants them really. We deal with any obstructions. We are on call all the time so we can be on site very quickly.

"And the Thames is getting very busy - with Thames Tideway Tunnel work , for example, and before long no doubt we'll be needed by civil engineers. Down river we have all the ships' moorings to deal with. We place and service navigation buoys.We have 40 navigation buoys in the estuary and we have maintain them - each has to be done once a year.

"Plus anything else we are called on to do. This really is a multi-purpose vessel. The PLA spent a lot of time over the past few years, for example, clearing the way for the London Gateway port, clearing any any obstructions so it could be dredged.

It's purpose built for us to be able to go up river to Richmond and work in the estuary safely. It is a one-off boat ... squat with shallow draft, low air draft. It is a fine vessel and we are very proud of her."

Facts about London Titan:

Weight: 650 tonnes.
Length 36.5 metres.
Beam: 13.5 metres.
Max draft: 2.2 metres.
Air draft (height above water): 6 metres.
Three Caterpillar main engines, three propellors, three rudders and bow thruster.
Two SMY marine deck cranes each capable of lifting up 11 tonnes and 20 metres radius.
Equipped with extendable 'legs' to secure to the river bed to maintain position
Seven winches

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December 3rd 2015