An online petition has been started to name a bridge near the Thames after a young man who drowned nearby.

Michael Scaife, aged 20, died while swimming in the Jubilee River – the Thames flood prevention channel which runs from Maidenhead to Eton.

His father Mark Scaife says: “Working closely with The Environment Agency and The Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead Council, improvements have been made, and some are waiting to be implemented. Two lifesaving buoys and three improved safety signs have already been fitted to the bridge.

“The vegetation around the river banks, to restrict entering and exiting the river around the sides of the bridge will be done in the future.

"We also asked if we could name the bridge Michael's Bridge.

“We did this partly to honour Michael's memory, but more importantly to give an unnamed bridge an identity, one that people could relate to the story of Michael's tragic death, and make others think twice about the dangers of swimming in The Jubilee River.”

The only objection to the plan for the bridge near Datchet has come from Eton Town Council.

Mr Scaife says: “The main reason given was about setting a precedent for renaming assets, such as bridges etc. As mentioned earlier, I don't see this as setting a precedent, as we would not be renaming the bridge.

“The bridge has no name at present, it is just a footbridge over a small stretch of river, and by naming it, it can have a positive impact on the awareness of the dangers of swimming in that particular area. If that saves at least one life in the future, then surely it can only be a positive step to take.”

January 26th 2016