Candidates for the Mayor of London have been outlining their policies for the River Thames.

Londoners go to the polls on May 5th to elect a successor to Boris Johnson. And River Thames News has asked each of the candidates their priorities for the capital's waterway. All the candidates who have replied so far agree that the river is at the heart of London and should be used more as a waterway partly to ease congestion and pollution elsewhere.

Here are the other headlines - click on the links to read what each canidate has written.
Candidates who have responded are listed in alphabetical order.

Green Party candidate Sian Berry wants more cross-river ferries, is concerned about pollution from the planned Greenwich Cruise Terminal and the cleanliness of the Thames. Read More

BNP candidate David Furness wants more investment in river piers, calls for commuter services to be extended and for the Garden Bridge plan scapped. Read More

George Galloway, the Respect candidate, is calling for the scrapping of the Garden Bridge in favour of new cycle and pedestrian bridges, and make improving the Thames Path a priority. Read More

Conservative Zac Goldsmith wants to increase leisure use of the river, improve the Thames Path from Teddington to the sea, and require companies to consider moving freight by road and river.
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Labour's Sadiq Khan says crossings east of Tower Bridge are desperately needed, wants to complete the Thames Path and clean up theriver.Read More

Ankit Love, the One Love Party, says the Silvertown tunnel project should be scrapped and the Garden Bridge delayed, wants to cut emissions from vessels and encourage an increase in the eel population. Read More.

Lib Dem Caroline Pidgeon would scrap the Garden Bridge in favour of more pedestrian and cycle crossings, encourage more energy schemes like hydro-power, and do more to clean up the Thames. Read More.

UKIP's Peter Whittle backs plans to boost passenger traffic, freight transport and leisure activities on the Thames.Read More.

Independent John Zylinski wants to double the number of river passengers and extend services further upstream and downstream, and also increase the amount of freight carried on the river.
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The full list of candidates is :

Sian Berry

Green Party

David Furness

British National Party

George Galloway


Paul Golding

Britain First

Zac Goldsmith


Lee Harris

Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol

Sadiq Khan


Ankit Love

One Love Party

Caroline Pidgeon

Liberal Democrats

Sophie Walker

Women's Equality Party

Peter Whittle


John Zylinski


Story dated April 11th 2016