One Love Party candidate Ankit Love's
policies for the Thames







We are investigating the architect Terry Farrell's proposal of building 6 new bridges across Thames. This would add to the regeneration and economic growth of East London, potentially providing 47,000 homes and access to 10,000 jobs for people in the area.

We will cancel the Silvertown tunnel project for its toxic nature as our prime policy is to end the air pollution pandemic that now kills yearly over 40,000 people in the UK, 9,500 of whom are Londoners and costs the economy £54 billion.

We are pushing for all bunker fuel burning vessels to be converted to a combination of hydrogen fuel, solar and sky sail. Just 15 of the world's largest vessels produce the same amount of [air pollution] as 760 million cars.

We plan to delay the construction of the Garden Bridge, allocating resources to building more social housing on TfL owned land.

We will encourage the continued use of the river for leisure and commercial purposes as a most important artery to our city. At present we are investigating further policies to achieve this including reviving the falling eel population, supporting the Thames Bath project on the Victoria embankment and investigating the potential of new moorings.

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