An MP has called for public funding for the Garden Bridge to be scrapped and spent in the north of England instead..

Hull North Labour MP Diana Johnson has written to the new Transport Secretary Chris Grayling saying money should be redirected to the ‘Northern Powerhouse’.

The MP says:”I understand that you have recently received an application for £15m in additional funding for the Thames Garden Bridge project in London. This is in addition to £30m of London Transport funding and £30m of Treasury funding already committed - bringing total public funding to £75m.

“I am shocked that the Government are prepared to spend at least £60m - and possibly £75m - on this project.”

Describing the bridge as previous mayor Boris Johnson’s vanity project, Diana Johnson says it serves no transport need, and is “therefore essentially a park on a bridge.”

She goes on:” While this is a novel idea, it is proposed for a location with lots of existing local parks amenities and local bridges. It is therefore unfair bias in transport investment in favour of London and the South East.

“I also understand that the bridge faces strong local opposition.  I am writing, therefore, to ask that you refuse the additional public funding request and instead use the money for much-needed transport infrastructure projects in the North of England, including in the Hull and Humber area.

"I also hope that you will re-allocate the £60m already earmarked for the Thames Garden Bridge. If Transport for London intends to allocate £30m to such unnecessary and superfluous projects, I suggest that you re-allocate this funding away from London to areas of the country where it could be invested in desperately needed infrastructure that would be of greater economic benefit. “

Story dated August 5th 2016