An exhibition explaining the history of St Katharine's Dock opens at the weekend (November 20th).

It will include pictures and illustrations telling the story of the area from the 12th century until today.

The exhibition at Devon House in the dock has been curated by Christopher West, author of The Story of St Katherine's.

The story of the area is traced back to the establishment of the Royal Foundation of St Katharine's Hospital, founded on the site by Queen Matilda in 1147, for the poor - in her words "maintain in perpetuity 13 poor persons for the salvation of the soul of my lord, King Stephen and of mine."

The conurbation gradually grew to over 4000 people until 1825 when it was all razed to the ground, the cemeteries cleared and the people moved out.

Then followed the building and working of Thomas Telford's luxury docks- eventually leading to decline, closure and dereliction.

The area was eventually renovated and transformed into today's marina.

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