The Port of London Authority has launched an interactive map listing visitor moorings on the tidal river.

Over 30 moorings include those the PLA own plus private marinas, yacht clubs, and cruising clubs.

By clicking on the map boaters can find contact details as well as information on the type of mooring, the facilities available, and any length restrictions.

They range from Hammerton's at Twickenham in the east downriver to Queenborough Harbour in Kent and Two Tree Island Causeway in Essex.

A series of filters attached to the interactive map allow users to search for particular services and features at the moorings.

Due to the tidal nature of the tidal Thames, the majority of marinas have restricted access at certain times of day and the PLA advises boaters to contact them directly to confirm appropriate lock in times.

For the authority's own moorings the contact details for enquiries are: phone 01474 562421 or email VisitorMoorings@pla.co.uk.

Click here to view all visitor moorings on a full-page map.

Story dated January 12th 2017